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Winter Weather Activation, Dec 8-9, 2017

The Raleigh National Weather Service has directed Central Carolina SKYWARN to activate for the current Winter Weather event. We will hold 3 nets, one at 10 PM tonight and, then two nets  tomorrow at 8:00AM and noon, all on the 146.88 repeater. If needed, our first backup will be the 147.105 repeater with tone of 82.5 Hz. Secondary backup will be the 147.135 repeater with a tone of 82.5 Hz. Tertiary backup will be the Carolina 440 UHF Link System; frequencies can be found at
We will be asking for the following criteria for each net:
*Callsign (if any) and name
*Location – Street/Cross street, city & county or lat/long.
*Precipitation type -snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain
*Accumulation of snow/ice accretion (If you have both, you may report X number of inches of snow and x number of inches as sleet. If unsure how much of each, just report your total as combination of sleet and snow.
*Impacts such as road conditions (particularly any roads that are closed or impassable, sustained power outages (not just blinking) and downed limbs/trees.
It will NOT be necessary to report the intensity of precipitation, any changeovers or temperatures.
Reports will also be accepted on the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page. Your winter weather photos are welcome too!

Thanks in advance spotters! Please stay warm and safe.

6AM Dec.8 Raleigh NWS Briefing

Spotters in counties within the Central Carolina SKYWARN coverage area may post any snow total reports along with your location and time on the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page or call them into the Raleigh National Weather Service using the number you received during your Spotter Training. CoCoRaHS and the mPing app can also be used. Thank you!

19th Annual SKYWARN Recognition Day, Saturday December 2, 2017

The National Weather Service in Raleigh will participate in the 19th annual SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) with members of Central Carolina SKYWARN on Saturday December 2, 2017. SKYWARN Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the NWS.

During this event, amateur radio operators will visit the NWS Raleigh office and contact other radio operators across the world and radio operators at other NWS offices. This event also serves as an opportunity for the testing of amateur radios and antennas and all other forms of backup communications.

What makes this year’s SKYWARN Recognition Day event special is that Wake County Emergency Management will be participating with NWS Raleigh and will have their mobile command post trailer set up adjacent to the weather office. In addition to radio stations at the National Weather Service, several radio stations will be set up in the command post. This setup will provide an opportunity to not only showcase SKYWARN and amateur radio, but the partnership between the National Weather Service and its emergency management partners.

The 24- hour amateur radio event, which is based on Universal Coordinated Time, will run from 7 PM EST Friday, December 1, 2017, through 7 PM EST Saturday, December 2, 2017. Members of Central Carolina SKYWARN will begin preparing for the event Friday afternoon, setting up antennas and radios at the NWS Raleigh office. Numerous radio contacts will be made at the start of the event Friday evening, with the bulk of the contacts made during the period starting early Saturday morning through the end of the event Saturday evening. In addition to making radio contacts, during the day Saturday the NWS Raleigh will provide tours of the NWS Raleigh weather operations facility to its trained SKYWARN volunteers. Look for us on 80, 40 and 20 meters and the Central Carolina SKYWARN primary and back up repeaters; we will be using the callsign WX4NC.

146.88 Repeater Back in Service

Should a severe weather activation take place later today, Central Carolina SKYWARN will use the 146.88 repeater. If that repeater becomes unavailable, we will utilize our primary back up, the 147.105 repeater in Broadway.

146.88 repeater down; use 147.105 repeater

The 146.88 repeater is down and requires repairs.  Central Carolina SKYWARN will use the 147.105 repeater (positive offset, tone of 82.5) in Broadway, NC  until repairs are made.  Look for any SKYWARN activation on the Broadway repeater.  If you cannot hit that repeater, please leave your reports on our Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page or use your Spotter Telephone Number to call the Raleigh National Weather Service.  Thank you!

SKYWARN Spotter Training Class

Basic SKYWARN Spotter Class
September 30, 9:30AM
Location: Lane Tree Golf Course
2317 Salem Church Rd, Goldsboro, NC
No pre-registration required; Open to the public
Sponsored by Neuse River Basin Amauteur Radio Association
Trainer: Virginia Enzor

Hurricane Irma – Be Prepared

A great tool that NC Emergency Management recommends for emergencies is ReadyNC.

The  ReadyNC mobile app is an all-in-one tool to help people get ready for everything from traffic jams to hurricanes and ice storms. The app gives information on real-time traffic and weather conditions, river levels, evacuations and power outages.

It works both for iPhone and Android phones. Download it today! For people living in or visiting North Carolina, this is an all-in-one FREE tool for emergency preparedness.

To access it, please visit