Hurricane Mathew Activation

The National Weather Service has directed Central Carolina SKYWARN to activate for a Flash Flood Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning, and Tornado Watch/Warning during Hurricane Matthew. The CCS NCO will announce appropriate watch/warning product and monitor the 146.88 repeater for reports.

The National Weather Service is looking for the following types of spotter reports:

–Rotating funnel clouds and tornadoes
–Measured wind gusts over 50 mph
–Flooding and flash-flooding where none normally occurs; this includes flooded structures, impassable roads, and streams creeks, and rivers that are out of their banks
–Wind damage such as downed trees and power lines and any   building or roof damage

–At the end of the storm, please provide your rainfall total.

SKYWARN will monitor the 146.88 repeater for spotter reports. Spotters may also post their reports to the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page.

This activation is live-streamed at   Go to that URL, click on live audio.  Then click on the  map, click on North Carolina, then Wake County, then Central Carolina SKYWARN.

Thank you for your reports!