Deactivation for Dec. 9, 2018 Winter Weather Event

Per the direction of the Raleigh National Weather Service, Central Carolina SKYWARN has deactivated for this evening. We will hold one final net tomorrow morning, December 10, at 7:00 AM to collect any additional reports. Thanks to everyone for their timely winter weather reports and photos! Spotters in the Central Carolina SKYWARN coverage area rock!

Winter Weather Activation December 9, 2018

The Raleigh National Weather Service has directed Central Carolina SKYWARN to activate for the December 9, 2018 Winter Weather event. We will hold hourly nets, beginning at 7AM and running for the duration of the event or until the NWS asks us to stand down, all on the 146.88 repeater.

If needed, our backup will be the Carolina 440 UHF Link System; frequencies can be found at

We will be asking for the following criteria for each net:

*Callsign (if any) and name

*Location – Street/Cross street, city & county or lat/long.

*Precipitation type -snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain and any changeovers in precipitation.

*Accumulation of snow/ice accretion (If you have both, you may report X number of inches of snow and x number of inches as sleet. If unsure how much of each, just report your total as combination of sleet and snow. If freezing rain, please report the ice accretion.

*Impacts such as road conditions (particularly any roads that are closed or impassable, sustained power outages (not just blinking) and downed limbs/trees.

Reports will also be accepted on the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page. Your winter weather photos are welcome too!

Thanks in advance spotters! Please stay warm and safe.