Central Carolina SKYWARN  (CCS) will activate for this event per the direction of the Raleigh National Weather service.  We will activate on the 146.88 when the precipitation begins in the CCS area, and then start formal nets at the top of each hour tonight until 12:00 midnight. We will begin again at 06:00 AM Thursday and continue until the NWS directs us to stand down. We will monitor in between nets for any changeovers in precipitation.

Spotter reports should include the following information:

  • Name, call sign, and spotter number if any
  • Location and nearest cross street
  • Precipitation type (rain, freezing rain, sleet, or snow)
  • Intensity of precipitation (light, moderate or heavy)
  • Changeovers in precipitation and time
  • Accumulation of ice accretion
  • Impacts such as road conditions (particularly any roads that are impassable or closed), sustained power outages (not just blinking), and downed limbs/trees from ice.

Our backup repeater will be the 147.105 repeater with a tone of 82.5 Hz located in Broadway, NC.

Folks may make reports via the SKYWARN net, or post here on the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page.

The SKYWARN Net may also be monitored via live-streamed audio at .

We appreciate your reports. Stay safe!