Severe Weather Activation Anticipated Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016

Central Carolina SKYWARN anticipates activation on the 146.88 repeater Wednesday, February 24, at the issuance of a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch or warning.
SKYWARN will be looking for the following types of spotter reports:
  • Hail – any size initially; then penny size, ¾” diameter or larger thereafter
  • Measured wind speeds of 50 mph or greater
  • Flooding and flash flooding where none normally occurs
  • Rotating wall clouds, funnel clouds, or tornadoes
  • Damage caused by high winds such as downed limbs and trees and their approximate diameter and building and roof damage.
Spotter reports are always needed when severe weather is occurring.
Spotters may make reports via:
  • the Central Carolina SKWYARN net on the 146.88 repeater
  • the Central Carolina SKYWARN Facebook page
  • the Raleigh National Weather Facebook page
  • the confidential Raleigh NWS telephone number given to spotters during training
  • Twitter
  • email –
Thanks in advance for your reports and be safe!