The University of Oklahoma Student Chapter of the AMS (OUSCAMS) is presenting a Tornado Forecasting Workshop with Storm Prediction Center’s Rich Thompson. The series starts this Tuesday (Feb. 3), and runs from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. CT. They will broadcast the workshops live on YouTube and record them for later viewing on the Chapter’s YouTube site. A flyer and current schedule of events is available below. Visit the OUSCAMS social media sites for more information.  Other scheduled presentation include:

February 10 – Severe storm ingredients (low-level moisture and lapse rates)

February 17 – Severe storm ingredients (vertical shear and lift)

March 3 – Supercell and tornado conceptual models (plus composite parameters)

March 10 – Tornado patterns (synoptic and mesoscale)

March 24 – Convective mode forecasting (squall lines vs. discrete cells)

April 7 – Tornado parameter climatology (spatial and temporal distributions of CAPE and shear)

April 14 – Numerical models and statistical techniques (convective schemes and post processing)

April 21 – Real-time forecasting exercise